Located in the foothills of the Llevant Mountains in eastern Mallorca, the grounds heavily feature lime deficient, rocky camps. One such location lies the hillside which protects the center point of our establishment, the historic manor.

A barren, rocky hill covered with red clay topsoil and pure, white stones. In the morning, it absorbs the first rays of sunshine from the nearby sea, sending the sun glittering around and storing its warmth. In the shimmering heat of a summer afternoon, it catches the powerful, onshore wind from the nearby sea that, throughout the evening, cools down the grapes in an ideal manner and flows through the entire vineyard.

These conditions, in addition to the stable overall climate with sunny summers and mild, rain-laden winters, result in a unique and highly interesting terroir. The tight vines that are forced to reach into the depth of everlasting rocks are maintained and pruned purely by hand according to ecological principles and their grapes are sorted with the utmost care.