People often spend their whole lives searching for a place that satisfies the yearnings of their soul. Ses Talaioles is one of those places, characterized by its lightness and vastness, stately earthiness, and ancient history. This is a place where apparent opposites combine to form a unique whole.

Discovered by chance in the year 2000 by the Dutch-German de Waal family of entrepreneurs, this sleeping beauty was kissed into life and soon began to reveal its enormous potential. "There is farmer's blood flowing in my veins, and I immediately recognized that this sacred land was destined for more than the simple cultivation of almonds and chickpeas" recalls Nicola de Waal. Driven by the firm conviction that wine of the highest quality could be produced on this island, and with their interest piqued even further, the family started to make plans.

Vintner Bernd Philippi from the Palatinate region of Germany, who is renowned for his penchant for authentic wine, was appointed as spiritus rector. He entrusted his apprentice, a highly talented young winemaker with the task of establishing an exemplary company in the same spirit on this piece of land.

There are now different varieties of vines growing in a tight planting pattern across ten hectares.